Tips For Hosting A Valentines Party On A Budget

It doesn’t take a lot of money to throw a successful party. By shopping smart and utilizing the things in your home, you’ll have everything you need to decorate, entertain, and feed your party guests on a budget! Keep reading for how to host a Valentines party on a budget.

Valentines Party On A Budget

Tips For Hosting A Valentines Party On A Budget

Skip the paper invitations
Don’t waste money and time with traditional paper invites. There are many sites online where you can find gorgeous free e-cards. Many of these sites have an invitation feature – so you’ll be able to send great looking invitations completely free and your guests will have them as soon as you hit the ‘send’ button.

Check out thrift stores for items you can use
Stores like GoodWill, typically have lots of holiday items for sale. I’ve seen everything from paper plates with matching napkins, banners and other decorations, to party favors. By checking out a thrift store first, you’ll be saving money on everything and very possibly, finding you’re able to get more things for the party than originally planned.

Use free printables for some of your decorations
Lots of blogs offer free Valentine’s Day printables to their readers. If you’ve already got ink and paper for your printer, continue to save money as you print off heart-shaped signs for the food you’re going to serve, namecards, and personalized candy wrappers. Using printables is a great way to give your party personality.

Consider making your party a potluck
Save some cash by having all your guests contribute food. With it being a Valentine’s party – have everyone bring a dish they love – bonus points for heart-shaped foods! This is a great way for everyone to chip in and get to taste each other’s delicious food. The quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach…

Make it a cookie decorating party, as well
This is something the kids will love! Before the party, bake up a bunch of Valentine’s themed sugar cookies – little cupids, arrows, hearts of all sizes, lips, etc. The night of your party, put out the blank cookies along with red, pink, and white frosting, tubes of icing, and all kinds of holiday themed sprinkles and toppings. Everyone will have a ball decorating the cookies and then have the pleasure of eating them!

Be your own DJ
All you need is your laptop and the internet to have non-stop music for your whole party. You can make a playlist with your favorite love songs on YouTube or go to Pandora and pick from one of their Valentine’s Day themed stations.

Everyone loves games
Whether you’re looking for something the kids can do, or things for the entire group, you’ll find that board games are a hit. If you already have some that your family plays, set them out in the living room or other area, so your guests can break into a game whenever they feel like it. You’ll also find ideas for Valentine’s Day themed games you can play through a quick search on Pinterest.

By inviting your friends and family to your Valentine’s Day party, you’re already spreading the love. People love to have a good time and be around those that they treasure most. With these tips, you will be able to stay well within your party budget and throw a bash everyone will remember!

If you’re a parent or grandparent, join our group for tons of great ideas from awesome bloggers!screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-7-41-38-pm

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  1. Sharon Braswell says:

    Great tips! I’ve gone to The Dollar Tree for party supplies to save money but I never thought about Goodwill. Thanks!!

  2. Betsy Barnes says:

    These are all great ideas, especially adding a cookie decorating to the party!

  3. Brooke Allen says:

    I bet the dollar store would be a good place to find some supplies, as long as you weren’t holding a huge party or anything.
    Brooke Allen recently posted..Veronica Roth Strikes Again with Carve the MarkMy Profile

  4. luiza saddatova says:

    nice ideas for Valentines day and make your valentine day special

    Twitter Pantulos1

  5. Joy Venters says:

    love these ideas-decorating cookies and pretzels are a must- twister is a great game no matter the age

  6. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    I will keep these tips in mind as I will be hosting a Valentines Day party this year. Thank you so much for the suggestions.

  7. ellen beck says:

    Great tips. I especially like the thrift shop idea, it is amazing what is there. I was in the thrift shop today and met a lady doing 40 tables for a graduation party.

  8. beth shepherd says:

    Great ideas!! I will def bookmark this for next year!

  9. Sara Theissen says:

    Great ideas! It can be quite expensive to shop for parties!

  10. Michelle Coles says:

    I love the cookie decorating party idea!

  11. contest_chick82 says:

    Great tips! Love to enjoy myself, responsibly and economically! Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for the ideas!!

  13. Sandra Watts says:

    Really good ideas. I don’t do much for Valentines Day. Just sit around, order in and watch movies.

  14. BRANDI DAWN says:

    This is a cute idea. I have never thought about hosting a Valentines party because the kiddos always do it at school. Fun!

  15. Barrie says:

    Great ideas. This is my teen’s last year of highschool and I’d love to have a party for her. LOVE your budget ideas!

  16. Joanne says:

    What great – and fun – ideas! Thanks for such a great article!

  17. Jennifer Heintz says:

    No matter what, it always seems tough to stay within the budget you plan for a party. The tip of potluck with heart shaped dishes and theme is a great one!

  18. tiffany c ( says:

    I’m doing a pre-valentine’s day party with my kids, we’re going to decorate pretzels and give them out! I love the board game idea! And making heart shaped things! Thanks for these wonderful ideas!

  19. Holden Humphreys says:

    Cookie decorating party is a good idea.

  20. Natalie says:

    I love these tips! I always check out thrift stores for parties! There is a lot there!

  21. m says:

    Thanks for the great advice. I need to be more social and host more parties!

  22. michelle combs says:

    great ideas, I love to save money

  23. michelle combs says:

    great ideas thank you

  24. I’m all about being on a budget, and partying hearty!
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  25. Holly Thomas says:

    I like to use free printables.

  26. PETER says:

    Looks like a great list of Valentine activities

  27. PETER says:

    Looks like a great list of Valentine activities

  28. Amber Ludwig says:

    Such great ideas!! I am doing my son’s 3rd birthday on a budget and doing whatever I can by myself!! So much cheaper but a lot crazier lol!! This mama needs some wine ๐Ÿ˜‰

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