Family Staycation Tips!

Lots of families are seeking inexpensive ways to enjoy quality time without spending a lot of money. If you check around your area, you’ll find there are plenty of fun things to do that don’t require an expensive hotel stay or a long drive. Whether your families interests are outdoors or indoors, by seeking out some local resources you are sure to find something that fits your likes and budget. Here are some great staycation ideas! For the families who are searching for outdoor fun, start at your county, city, and state websites. These websites typically have a slew of […] Read more »

Family Hiking

Hiking with your family is a great chance to get outdoors, breathe some fresh air, and get active. It’s easy to get started. Just look for a trail in a national park near you! For your first day hike choose a safe, well-marked trail that doesn’t have too many steep climbs. Otherwise, you’ll get tired too early and won’t make it as far as you want to go. First, you’ll need a good pair of shoes and thick socks designed for this type of activity. You can start with some sturdy sneakers with thick bottoms. When you begin to take […] Read more »

Backyard Camping Under The Stars

Each year, thousands of families head out to their local campgrounds. Camping can be a fun and low cost activity however, not everyone lives near a campground or state park. But backyard camping can be a fun alternative, especially in the evening.   Although camping in your backyard may not seem glamorous, it can be a fun and exciting adventure for your children. Backyard camping is popular for many reasons, one being how easy it is. Another reason is safety. Staying in familiar territory will give you peace of mind since you already know what to expect from your neighborhood. Plan […] Read more »

Geocaching Fun For Your Family

  Want to be an explorer in your own home town? Try geocaching! It’s part adventure, part exercise and all fun. It’s essentially a treasure hunt, but the emphasis is on the exploration rather than the treasure, which are usually small trinkets. Start by picking up a geocache navigator or GPS device in order to track the cache’s coordinates. There are several available and since I’m an Amazon affiliate, Ive listed a few below. You’ll need a GPS navigator to find the geocaches. The cost may be a little pricey for some, but take into consideration you only need to […] Read more »

30+ Backyard Science Ideas

  Your backyard is full of amazing things to explore and wonderful creatures to learn about. There are over 30 fun backyard science ideas listed below so grab a few supplies (you probably have most of them already) and head outside with your kids! Some of these just need an outdoor space so if you don’t have a backyard, pack a picnic lunch and head to the nearest local park! Click here to save this on Pinterest. Click here to save this on Pinterest. Explosions and Eruptions Make a bottle rocket (pictured above) Exploding baggies are tons of fun Another exploding […] Read more »