Pre Pay For College! Last Call + Discount

Most of our readers have young children and college is probably the last thing on their minds, but take it from me, time goes by faster than you realize! For so many parents thinking about how to pay for college is confusing and overwhelming but the folks at Florida Prepaid have sponsored this post to share their solution.

With Florida Prepaid, residents can easily save for their children’s college while they’re still in diapers! With Florida Prepaid you have two options. You can choose one, or both!

Here’s how they work

1. The Florida Prepaid College Plan that allows you to select options with specific costs, payment schedules and benefits. The options are made to be used at a Florida College or State University, but can also be applied to other schools nationwide.

2. The Florida 529 Savings Plan lets you to choose from their investment options. You decide the amount and how often you contribute.

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Hurry! Open enrollment ends February 28.

The biggest difference between the two plans is the Florida 529 Savings Plan is subject to fluctuations in the financial markets, while the Florida Prepaid College Plan is guaranteed by the state of Florida.

Did you know?

The Florida Prepaid plan is not restricted to Florida schools!  The amount covered by the plan can be applied at other schools across the country so even if your child attends an out-of-state college, they have you covered.

Why Florida Prepaid?

  • They’re guaranteed — every prepaid plan is guaranteed by the State of Florida, so you will never lose your investment.
  • Use it nationwide — even if your child attends an out-of-state or private college, the plan will pay the same amount as it would pay at a public college or university in Florida.
  • Got a scholarship? — if your child receives a scholarship, you can get a refund for the same amount as the plan would pay a public college or university in Florida.
  • Up to 10 years — your child has up to 10 years after his or her year of projected enrollment to use the plan.

Learn more!

Join Bloggin Mamas & Florida Prepaid for the #StartingisBelieving Twitter Chat on Thursday, 2/23/1 at 9p EST. Join in the discussion and ask questions on how to save for your child’s future using Florida Prepaid College Savings Plans and maybe win some prizes too!

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