Organize & Track Your Baby’s Milestones & Activities


Being able to have a central location to store and track your baby’s milestones and activities is important for any parent. Keeping a record of things such as their weight and height, new foods, medication and illnesses keeps all baby’s information organized.


Track Your Baby’s Milestones


BabyTime is a time-saving app that helps you gather all your baby’s information in one place. It let’s you store memories, track behavior and analyze your baby’s activities, at home and on the go.


  • It gives you the ability to share the information with grandparents, other family members and approved caregivers. The data is updated in real time so parents working outside the home can monitor any new progress.



  • When you enter enough information, it will show you charts patterns in development and growth. It’s also a great tool for spotting changes in your baby’s routine.



  • There’s also a baby diary section for notes, thoughts and photos. You can even share with other moms in their community.



  • The addition of the iMessage extension allows you to share information from the app directly from your text message. This time-saving feature sets it apart from other baby apps. 




Want to see more? Watch this video short video and learn how it can help you.


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