Making a Rock Garden

Making a rock garden is a great way to be creative and have fun with your kids.

Start by looking for rocks of all shapes and sizes, watching for flat, smooth stones. You may have to collect them over time so start looking now and keep them on the side until you gather enough. Look for rocks that can be turned into animals, flowers, dragons or fairies.

Make a rock garden

  • Clean the stones in warm, soapy water and let dry.
  • Use a pencil to sketch out your design on the surface of the rock. It can be an animal, insect, flower or anything else that you desire.
  • To make this craft easier for young kids, use black paint or marker to create an outline of the design.
  • Then, once it’s dry, they can fill in the outlined areas.
  • Arrange an assortment of water tempera paints and paint brushes and have fun painting.
  • Wiggly eyes, buttons and other embellishments can be added to your design. Use the creations throughout your garden or household plants.

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  1. RT says:

    Been rock hunting! Have a bucket full so far, but need many more for our project. This is going to be so fun – Lady bugs, frogs and butterflies. We found several rocks in the shape of butterflies too, do excited.

  2. MommyJenna says:

    We have a flower bed out front that just needs completely ripped out and done over. This would be a fun idea for the kiddos and we could all put our own little part in it.

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