Christmas Lights + Decorations in Brooklyn [Dyker Heights]

Growing up in Brooklyn had it’s rewards. One of them was walking around Dyker Heights at night during the Christmas season. What started with just a few families quickly grew to several blocks and every year it seems to grow in size. With 12′ tall nutcrackers and dancing ballerinas, a 30+ character reenactment of the final scene from A Christmas Carol, Santa’s workshop, Christmas music and a friendly Santa greeting everyone and giving out candy, this has become an annual feast for the eyes.

I have quite a few videos that I’ve taken over the years and I’ll split them up into three different pages.

Christmas lights + decorations in Brooklyn

Christmas Lights + Decorations in Brooklyn
Part two || Part three

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  1. Monica says:

    This is so awesome! Can you believe that as a born and raised New Yorker it wasn’t till last year that I visited Dyker Heights for the first time?! It was amazing! The kids loved it and we’re planning to go back again this year. I think visiting Dyker Heights at Christmas time is getting added to our family traditions in and around NYC! Loved ur videos ????????

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