Local Florida Wildlife

When we moved from NYC to Central Florida, we didn’t give much thought to what kind of local wildlife we would see. Growing up in Brooklyn, our wildlife consisted of pigeons, sparrows and seagulls near the water. I’ll let the photos do the talking, after all this is Wordless Wednesday. I took all these photos in my front and back yards. Read more »

Best Hay Petting Zoo

Our homeschool group recently went on a field trip to the Best Hay Petting Zoo in Florida and had a great time! They had animals you would normally see at petting zoos; pigs, goats, horses, llamas, etc and we got to interact and feed them while we were there. The owner gave duck eggs to some of the kids in our group and also answered questions about raising chickens. Afterwards we stayed for lunch and as you can see from the photos in the slideshow, we had some a guest at our table. Read more »