Auction: United Nations School Kit

This auction is for a United Nations Intermediate School Kit, originally purchased at the United Nations during their 50th Anniversary. Includes – Lessons in history, language, geography, sciences, mathematics, art and music. Teacher’s Notes United Nations Resource Points This kit offers teachers a way to explore global issues through every subject. Click here to bid on eBay Read more »

*SOLD* American Girl Books Auction

This auction has sold but click here to see what else have. Both of my daughters enjoyed the American Girl book series. This is our 10th year homeschooling and when we studied American History, these books helped put a “face” to each time period.  Click here for more information, and to bid on this auction. Read more »

*SOLD* Auction: American History DVD/Videos

This auction has sold but click here to see what else have. Hey friends! We’re in our 10th year of homeschooling and over the last few months I’ve been cleaning out a lot of our books, dvd, and games. I just bought four plastic bins of books to our homeschool park day and was glad to pass them along to the other families who can use them. Some of the items have been listed and sold on eBay. This auction was posted this morning and it may interest you, especially if you’re a homeschooling family.  These three American history documentaries are […] Read more »

{offer expired} Save $15 On Visa Gift Cards at OfficeMax

This offer has expired   It may be August and here in Florida that means we’re still swimming and sunning, but guess what! Christmas will be here before you know it! Starting your holiday shopping early is one of the best ways to save money and time. With a family of five, plus assorted pets (yes, we buy gifts for our pets – doesn’t everyone?) saving money is important to us. Being able to shop without the stress of the crowds is also a plus! This time of year I like to take advantage of offers, rebates, and discounts while […] Read more »

{offer expired} Save 15% On iTunes Gift Cards At JCPenney #iTunesJCP15

This offer has expired.   I was invited to write about this great offer. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Have you ever received a gift that clearly wasn’t bought with you in mind? I think we’ve all been on the receiving end of a gift like that at one time or another. As the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts” but when you get a gift that shows thought wasn’t put into it, where is the thought in that? We give gifts to show gratitude or to celebrate a milestone and it’s important for your gift to […] Read more »