Nature Camp In Your Own Backyard

One of the best ways for kids to learn how particular insects and spiders behave is to observe them up close. The challenge is to replicate the bugs habitat with the appropriate temperature, light, and moisture levels. Try this easy craft and have a nature camp in your own back yard! Cut off the upper third of a 2- liter clear plastic soda bottle. Fill the bottom with a little dirt or sand. Then create a hiding place using some vegetation, a crumpled piece of paper towel, or a paper cup. Next, wrap a piece of nylon stocking or cheesecloth […] Read more »

Summer Crafts For Kids: Create A Building

This creative DIY activity is fun for your whole family! One of the great things about it is you probably have most of the items on hand.     Start by collecting small cardboard boxes such as cereal, pasta and spaghetti boxes. Stuff them with newspaper until they’re sturdy. Using packing or masking tape, attach some of the boxes together form an assortment of buildings and houses. Cut 1″ x 6″ strips of newspaper. Create a decoupage mixture with equal parts white glue and water. Dip the newspaper strips into the mixture and cover the boxes with them. Alternate the […] Read more »

Spring Arts and Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Spring offers the perfect time for our children to get creative and have fun! Here are some quick go-to craft ideas that are perfect for the season. Flower pot decorating: Children love to garden and they’ll love this fun project! What you will need: Clay flower pot Gardening soil Spring flower of your choice Paint and other decorative elements This project is relatively simple but can keep your child busy for hours. First, allow your child to create his/her very own flower pot. Allow him to be creative with paints and other decorative elements. Using jewels, stickers, ribbon, etc. is […] Read more »