DIY Christmas Ornaments

Creating your own Christmas ornaments can be a great way to spend quality time with your family. Make hot chocolate and put on Christmas music to get everyone in the mood! These festive DIY Christmas ornaments will look great on your tree. They also make thoughtful gifts for family and friends and you can print out our free reindeer gift tags. DIY Christmas ornaments Above: Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments Glittery Wood Block Ornaments Ribbon Tree Ornaments Snow Globe Ornaments More! Terra Cotta Christmas Bell Ornaments Christmas Cookie Ornaments Sand Art Christmas Ornaments Snow Globe Ornaments Holiday Rag Ball Ornaments If you’re […] Read more »

Creative Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Most kids love being creative and making stuff! My youngest still does, even as she gets older. We especially love holiday crafts because we use them to decorate our home. Here are some ideas for creative Thanksgiving crafts for kids that are fun for your whole family to do together. TIP: Add the year on it and pack it away safely after the holiday is over. You’ll have a keepsake that will bring back wonderful memories as the years go by. My kids love seeing their homemade decorations being used year after year. Creative Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids Thankful Tree […] Read more »

Craft Ideas For Kids

Most children enjoy creating, whether its simple crafts or more challenging projects. Not only is it fun, spending time engaged in a creative activity helps children develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. This years Holiday Gift Guide focuses on craft ideas for kids. It’s organized into four separate sections; sewing, paper crafts, jewelry making and wood. Since I’m Amazon shopper and affiliate, all the gifts in this guide can easily be purchased through Amazon and delivered right to your door. Read more »

23 Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas [video tutorials]

Decorating pumpkins is fun because the possibilities are endless! Their shape and texture make it easy to transform it with a wide variety of materials and products. Below you’ll find five video tutorials, containing 23 different ways to decorate a pumpkin! Do you have kids who love crafting on your gift list? Before you shop, check Gifts For The Young Crafter! Read more »