Finding Dory Connect The Dots Pages

Are your kids excited for the new Finding Dory movie opening soon! So are we! While you’re waiting for the movie to come to your local theater, print out these free Finding Dory connect the dots. This set of five includes all your friends like Dory, Hank, Destiny, Otter and Bailey. Click the graphic to get your set of five Finding Dory connect the dots pages. Scroll down for more Finding Dory fun! If you’re a parent or grandparent, join our group for tons of great ideas from awesome bloggers! Read more »

Sofia The First Activity Pages

  Do your kids love Sofia The First? So do we! Our friends at Disney created these free Sofia The First activity pages that your child will love! This set includes two coloring sheets, spot the difference, word find and a maze. Click here for free Equestria Girls Coloring Pages Click here for Cinderella party ideas Read more »

Gardening With Children

Spring is a great time of the year to involve your children in gardening. If you don’t have a green thumb yourself, you can learn together! Here are the benefits that gardening could easily provide the children with. 1. Science In planting, children are indirectly taught the wonders of science like the plant’s life cycle and how humans involvement can break or make the environment. They can have a first hand experience on the miracle of life through a seed. This would definitely be a new and pleasurable experience for the kids. 2. Life Watching a seed grow into a […] Read more »

How To Play Hopscotch

Hopscotch is such a fun classic game. What makes it appealing is you only need chalk and pavement, and what makes it fun is playing with friends. You get to jump around, throw things, and just enjoy being outside. What could be better! The directions on how to play hopscotch are listed below. Draw a hopscotch pattern on the ground with chalk or use masking tape on a floor and number each square in order. There are several patterns that you can use, depending on the age of the players. Give each player has a marker such as a stone, […] Read more »

Geocaching Fun For Your Family

  Want to be an explorer in your own home town? Try geocaching! It’s part adventure, part exercise and all fun. It’s essentially a treasure hunt, but the emphasis is on the exploration rather than the treasure, which are usually small trinkets. Start by picking up a geocache navigator or GPS device in order to track the cache’s coordinates. There are several available and since I’m an Amazon affiliate, Ive listed a few below. You’ll need a GPS navigator to find the geocaches. The cost may be a little pricey for some, but take into consideration you only need to […] Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Sheet

Do your kids love to color? Print out this St. Patrick’s Day coloring sheet for free. It comes in black and white for easy printing. This set of St. Patrick’s Day activity sheets comes with: St Patrick’s Day Coloring sheet – print here. St. Patrick’s Day Word Search Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day Word Search

Have a little St. Patrick’s Day fun with this free set of activity sheets. The set comes in black & white for easy printing. This set of St. Patrick’s Day activity sheets comes with: St. Patrick’s Day Word Search – print here. St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Sheet Read more »

The Lion Guard Activity Sheets

The Lion Guard continues the tale of The Lion King. Our friends at Disney want us to pass along these free Lion Guard activity sheets for your child to enjoy! It follows the adventures of Kion, the second born cub of Simba and Nala, along with his friends who each have a unique skill. They stand united to protect the Pride Lands. The Education and Science staff at Disney’s Animal Kingdom serve as consultants, inspiring original stories based on their first-hand experiences, and advising on the characteristics, behaviors and habitats of various African animal species. Click the graphic below to […] Read more »