3 Things You Didn’t Know About Healthcare + Enter To Win $500

Heath care is such an important topic for families like yours and mine. Sometimes we don’t know enough about healthcare to make educated decisions and that can affect our family’s health.

UnitedHealthcare created some fun games to fix that!

They created three interactive games designed to help you understand the basic facts of healthcare coverage. Not only that, they’re giving away a $500 monthly prize and $100 weekly prizes! You can enter each of the three games daily, plus you can earn additional entries for clicking the recommended articles after completing a quiz. Simple!

These games are designed to help you understand and more effectively use your health plan benefits.

  • The first game has three questions, designed to help you understand the basic facts about your health care plan.

  • This game involves matching the health care term to it’s correct definition. How much do you really know about healthcare?

When my husband worked in retail, we were always covered by his health insurance because I worked for myself. But now, since we’re both self employed, we’re fully responsible for our own coverage. UnitedHealthcare has plans for all types of families and individuals.

You can get a quote right on their site so there’s no reason to put it off. Get started with just your zipcode. Click here and then go to Individual & Families.

You’ll be able to pick a plan that’s right for your budget and health needs, and in some cases your coverage can start the day after applying.

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